The Dis-ease

Alcoholics Anonymous used to have an expression for mild, inexplicable depression: the “Poor Me’s”, characterized by:

  • Physical, energetic and mental lethargy or heaviness;
  • Lack of motivation, bordering on a sense of giving up;
  • An internal emptiness that manifests as grief: loss of appetite and caring.

Frustratingly, there’s no obvious rational explanation or cause; from the outside it doesn’t look like we have anything to bitch about!

When we do give up and stop practicing healthy habits (or practice unhealthy ones!) it takes EXTRA effort to get back on our feet again!

The Remedy

Here’s the only true relief I’m found in 60 years of looking:

Know this with absolute certainty: there is a part of each of us that’s utterly PERFECT IN EVERY SENSE: our awareness, or consciousness. 😊❤️🕉


Consciousness is NOT a mental function! FAR from it! Without it, you wouldn’t realize that you’re alive – let alone reading this effort to enlighten you!!

Once that clicks, it becomes possible to differentiate between “You” and “Your body/mind” (after all, whose body is it? Yours!!).

Raja Yoga is a loving, holistic, personal practice in self-awareness and control – intended to PERMANENTLY relive the emptiness and symptoms of the Poor Me’s without leaving a hangover. Here’s how it works in part:

Mentally – the objective is to take a step back from our body/mind and witness the pain, rather focusing on the parts of our body/mind that are hurt. [Extremely difficult to do without constant practice – especially, when the pain is at its worst.]

Spiritually – the objective is to identify with the eternally-aware “You” (your consciousness – aka your “soul” or “spirit” in religious vernacular! Yeah; it’s real) – rather than your temporary body/mind.

Transcend temporal suffering. Tap into the divine power within.


$15 – scheduled group “meditation prep” classes

Current class schedule

  • Skype lessons
  • seminars
  • lectures
  • private lessons

Proud sponsor of Yoga Instructors Association (MA)


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